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In Stock Charming Latex Corset

STYLE NO.LBU70810 (Ready-To-ship)

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Main Color:


    1. Waist: 60-67 CM
    1. Waist: 65-72 CM
    1. Waist: 70-77 CM
    1. Waist: 75-82 CM
    1. Waist: 80-87 CM
    1. Waist: 85-92 CM
    1. Waist: 90-97 CM
  • 1. Waist = CM.

Quantity: set

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Shipping Info

Processing Time: 3-5 business days  +   Shipping Time: 3-4 business days  

International Shipping Available:

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In Stock Charming Latex Corset
Details: The corset is made of latex and with sexy leopard print for a chic look. Please note the bra sets is excluded.


Size Guide

Measurements Size Waist
XS 23.75-26.5
S 25.75-28.5
M 27.75-30.5
L 29.75-32.5
XL 31.50-34.25
2XL 33.5-36.25
3XL 35.5-38.25
4XL 37.5-40.25
5XL 39.5-42.25
6XL 41.5-44.25

Purchase Info

It could be shipped in 5-7 days after order payment cleared.

And if your order contains any dresses or suits ('ready to ship' items are exclusive) , we will ship the whole order as one package when the tailoring work complete, and it may take 15-18 business days.

Return & Exchange

We accept the return & exchange merchandise in accordance with our policy within five (5) days of receipt.
Please follow the following four steps to return and get an exchange:
  • 1. Get a Return Authorization number
  • 2. Inspect merchandise
  • 3. Ship merchandise to Bridesfamily Warehouse
  • 4. Bridesfamily will inspect your package and arrange the appropriate credit to you in accordance with our policy.

For detailed information, please refer to Return & Exchange Policy

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bridesfamily offer High quality B2B service to:
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    Product:In Stock Charming Latex Corset Style NO. LBU70810

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