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In Stock Exquisite Latex Corset

STYLE NO.LBU58572 (Ready-To-ship)

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    1. Bust: 75-80 CM
    2. Waist: 57-61 CM
    1. Bust: 80-85 CM
    2. Waist: 62-66 CM
    1. Bust: 85-90 CM
    2. Waist: 67-71 CM
    1. Bust: 90-95 CM
    2. Waist: 72-76 CM
    1. Bust: 95-100 CM
    2. Waist: 77-81 CM
    1. Bust: 100-105 CM
    2. Waist: 82-86 CM
    1. Bust: 105-112 CM
    2. Waist: 87-91 CM
    1. Bust: 112-117 CM
    2. Waist: 92-96 CM
    1. Bust: 117-122 CM
    2. Waist: 97-101 CM
    1. Bust: 122-127 CM
    2. Waist: 102-110 CM
  • 1. Bust = CM.
  • 2. Waist = CM.

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In Stock Exquisite Latex Corset
Details: This simple corset design is a good choice for the girl who wants to make the figure more jimpness. It is made of latex. Please note the bra sets is excluded. The color is as the picture shown. The size is about 30cm * 22cm.


Size Guide

Measurements Size Bust Waist
XS 29.75-31.50 22.5-24.25
S 31.50-33.5 24.5-26
M 33.5-35.5 26.5-28
L 35.5-37.5 28.5-30
XL 37.5-39.5 30.5-32
2XL 39.5-41.5 32.5-34
3XL 41.5-44.25 34.25-36
4XL 44.25-46.25 36.25-38
5XL 46.25-48.25 38.25-40
6XL 48.25-50.00 40.25-43.5

Purchase Info

It could be shipped in 5-7 days after order payment cleared.

And if your order contains any dresses or suits ('ready to ship' items are exclusive) , we will ship the whole order as one package when the tailoring work complete, and it may take 15-18 business days.

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    Product:In Stock Exquisite Latex Corset Style NO. LBU58572

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